“Lost Before Life Began”

My breath is now torn, through interminable winters morn.
Warmth of sun’s rays lay absent, upon this dawn of cold.
Shadowing darkness discerns and deciphers each breath I take.
Again once more, lost dreams and memories, I forsake.

Too cold! Plateaus of stillness, grey, staid, eternally remain
Succumbing as one, resignation, silence, still, maimed.
Relegating within eons of emptiness beneath hardened soil
Remaining for all of eternity, fragile, hurt, silence unspoiled.

Emptiness , pain, loss and sadness, reign, forever true.
Unfolded creases, infinite locked chains, rusted, no hues.
Depths of despair, hidden always behind the mask, a waste
Human tragedy succumbs, infinite silence, bereft of all trace.

Gasping for air, a solitaire of a pawn, silent, broken and torn.
I lay me down finally, in peace, never to see the light of Dawn.
Pain, loss, mirrored images, dreams, never to be fulfilled
Eternally I dance alone, silence, solitude, forever to mourn.

Life is not a fairy tale, complete with happiness and love.
As a child I dreamed so much of better days to come,
Never venturing my way, and my life has been desecrated
I gave so much, working so hard, alas, now has been abated.

Emotional pain, disbelief, hurt and insufferable abandonment,
From the day I was born, shunned and rejected by parents
Cast aside to a children’s home, unwanted, and not needed.
Memories of tears, no hugs, desperate, and shrouded with fear.

I have continued to survive, though many years later, growing old.
Dreams of yesterday pervade my soul, spirit, always taking hold,
Of memories, which I held with belief and truth, at the final end
Remain just shadows, fairy tale stories, I accept, a heart to never mend.

Written by Lyndell Muirhead 3rd April 2015.

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Copyright © Lyndell Muirhead

Lyndell Muirhead is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/lyndell.muirhead

Photo Credit: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due credit and appreciation is acknowledged for the same.


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