Sometimes life gets hard,
No matter how I do try,
Things shrinks my heart’s card,
Leaving me alone, can’t help to cry.

Lonely I am, I will be sad,
Deep in my soul tears wont dry,
Even if I pretend to be glad,
But pain can’t go to laundry.

Problems baked as a loaf of bread,
In an old wasted city’s bakery,
On my shoulder will carry the load,
But one thing will always fry.

Finding the best solution aid,
Not expressing my ill voluntary,
To everyone passes by, to get raid,
For only wisdom can pay dowry.

A responsible man shaves his own beard,
But a fool, will always find it a mystery,
And life isn’t a game, that can be dodged if bored,
But one has to face the reality, isn’t lying on history.

No matter how it gets bad,
Fight hard and mark your territory,
You can make it, hold it my lad,
Your dreams don’t let them to end at the cemetery…

Copyright © Changez Ndzai

Changez Ndzai is on facebook at:


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