Sometime in life we suffer many a great disappointments
We can be disappointed at how our lives have turned out
Disappointed at our lack of achieving any form of success
Disappointed at how our marriages don’t seem to be working
Disappointed with our work, disappointed with our failures
Having such feelings is part and parcel of everyday life
But this doesn’t mean we have to give up or lose hope
It simply means that we have a great deal to overcome
In life we must learn to try over and over and over again
To get where we want to be, to be who we want to be
It is not at all smooth sailing we have to face many hurdles
From our many disappointments we must rise and shine
Battle our way from the circumstances that surround us
Not to look back instead forge onward come shine come rain
When we believe in ourselves we can do the impossible
Search deep within and master your great inner strength
Channel your energies and efforts towards fulfillment
Of the dreams and goals that you completely hold dear
Don’t let disappointments force you to stop and quit
Instead let them give you more reason to fight to win
It’s the best way for us to deal with life’s disappointments

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