LIFE IS ALL ! 1/12/2015

Come along with me my fellow travellers
In this journey of life, you are not alone.
I am not special, am one with you
Seeking truth and self realization.
It is journey without and within too
We glimpse manifestations of His
Love , compassion and bliss
Its a pilgrimage of life in life
Goading to love all , respect all life.
Life’s aim is Life itself,
Dive deeper, fetch the truth-pearls
LOVE is religion , LIFE is religion
No path , but HEART is needed
To to lead this unknown journey.
Guided by guts and heart
Free from dogmas and faiths
When you see with inner eye
You enter into the Paradise
Of God’s kingdom, abode of
Peace , tranquillity and justice.
Come along with me my fellow travellers
I am with you all , you all are with me!

Seema Devi, 1/12/2014
Pondicherry Beach side.

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