Honesty is a virtue of sincerity
While lies are tokens of impurity
It’s a matter of grave asperity
For a person to lack integrity
Lies destroy our inner sanctity

Truthfulness is a fruit of divinity
That bears the seeds of humanity
Dishonesty does beget profanity
Where evils thrive with impunity
Lies destroy our inner sanctity

Souls tainted with a lying ability
Don’t have any form of humility
Therefore display no credibility
Its darkness has no invisibility
Lies destroy our inner sanctity

A tongue that alters falsity
It ever thickens in density
Its vileness grows in intensity
Thus fall to a fate of adversity
Lies destroy our inner sanctity

A tongue that’s has the audacity
To wallow and indulge in veracity
Often offer bad deeds complicity
This fact is adorned with simplicity
Lies destroy our inner sanctity

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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