Wherever you are in this planet,
I wish I could write your names in this pamphlet,
Who always you are there to help me in this fight,
Give me the lamp in darkness to see the light.

Just know I value you, I never choose any continent,
You are my family, who give me advice in content,
Let me pour my appreciations without any limit,
Let the relationship remain in bond, more than cement.

So tell me, am I making sense in your life’s plant?
Or am I a broken arrow, or even a sword which is blunt,
Tell me the truth, I want to write out of your views stunt,
Echo your answers, am waiting, no matter even if it is a negative brunt.

Give me your opinion about my polls poet rent,
Am I helping you, do you need any aid from my tent?
Tell me my dear friend, its not a necessary you shout,
But it will be a crime if your mouth would keep it shut.

Your words are powerful, then is your golden comment,
I am having a blue smile, but feel weak if you remain silent,
In each conner, Africa, Asia, America, Europe in treat,
Just wash me with your sweet words or cane me if am not right.

As I drop down this quill, our friendship wont quit,
No matter you are a new friend, you have a chance in my sight,
For the old friends, you are like precious stone in my vent,
Lets talk now, share our devotion and love not to prevent.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai

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