Lees Of Life

So mysterious is the rule of life
Forget the night, once the day dawns
Forget the land once reach at the prey
Forget those many lives slain vicariously
In this journey as mere harmful worms

Forget this lighted candle
After glimpsing at the burning fire
Forget all the sins cruelly committed
As the pretext of petty mistakes

Forget those trusted pair of safe hands
Once another new hand beckons
Forget to wipe out those tears
That was left rolling from the eyes

Forget that girl possessed for erotic pleasure
In the inebriated darkness of night
As a Barbie doll with the rise of morning sun

Forget the connection of soul with infinity
Forget one’s own entity
And in the speedy hours of life
Forget to think about death in gaiety.

(NOTE: This is an English translation by me from a Hindi poem written by my dear student Sunandita Datta, currently pursuing Forensic Science at Amity Institute, Noida, India.)


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