At times we all need moments of solitude
To ponder and reflect upon matters of self
And gaze deeply inside our soul’s mirror
Then question if you like what you see
Only you know your deepest secrets
Only you master your inner most desires
People often see what we want them to see
Our true self likes to stay hidden
Not many people know who they really are
This makes their lives an endless charade
Meditate on what governs your conscience
On what make you tick as a human being
I cannot think of a fate that is much worse
Than a man who is a stranger to himself
Such fall prey to influences of the world
Always trying to find where they belong
A spirit that is blind to its own identity
Is often inclined to spin out of control
While that which knows its true colors
Is often quick to settle and find its place
Know your strengths and your weaknesses
Know your sides even that which is dark
Know the rings that surround your ego
Knowing ourselves is the beginning of truth

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