Graffiti, banners, festoons,
Bills and boards
All telling of
Poetry, Poetry Festival,
Kavita, aaj ki kavita,
Poem, the poem of today.

The poets from all around,
Different parts of the country
Gathering to participate
In the festival,
Poets, poets, poetry,
Poetry, poetry, poets.

Kavita Utsav,
Kavita kavi ke liye,
Kavi kavita ke liye,
Poetry Festival,
The poem for the poet,
The poet for the poem.

The poet on the lawn
Sitting and reclined
Writing poems,
Reading them,
Rehearsing to recite

Some taking paan,
Some smoking cigars,
Some beedis,
Some tobacco,
Some cheroots.

A few of them had been
With French-cut beards,
A few bearded oddly
With the unkempt beards,
A few folksy, a few ultra-modern.

The open ground spread over
Camped and stalled
With pamphlets and brochures,
Booklets and poetry collections
Of the old and the new
Appeared to be a fair ground.

Mainly the poets and poetesses
Read and heard poems
With the selfies taken
And presentations advertized
And the organizing poets held it
The press conference to shoot to limelight.

Many just went there to the campus
For to take tea or coffee
Or to buy things from the fair ground,
Many for an outing
Rather than hearing poetry
Though it was Kavita Utsav.

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