Justice Denied

Some say we are lucky to be natives,
Of this Himalayan paradise so revered.
Mesmerizing landscape and beautiful health resorts,
Few know the travails of a people under occupation.
Kunan Poshpora women still weep today,
This the 24th anniversary of injustice.
Dozens were raped in a single night,
By Security Forces, our supposed protectors.
Nothing done to erase the shame,
Women education hampered, marriages declined.
Denial the game still played about the raid,
Press releases and political gimmicks reign.
Victims cries for justice still ignored.
Human Rights requests denied,
Crooked prosecutor never investigated…white­wash.
Who weeps for the women ostracized?
Where is the justice for the girls raped?
Mothers and daughters violated at will,
None sought to punish the evildoers.
February 23, 1991….when Kunan Poshpora was soiled.
When will the linen be washed clean?

©Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.



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