just a few days more...

just a few days more…

Months have drifted by
achingly slow
agonizingly so
and yet I remember
each moment
clearer now than even then
Distances toll
The hurt and pain
frustrations bleeding stain
You left me then
in a world unknown
Masked goodbyes
and feeling alone
Weaknesses suddenly
peering from dark corners
That is life, part of love
acknowledging, accepting
understanding, forgiving…
I am still drowning
from all the little things left unsaid
Like I love everything about you
all of you, exactly the way you are
So many life altering moments
in both our lives since then
So many times I wanted to hold you
and whisper I love you again and again
So many times
I just wanted to hold your hand
Here we are again
just a few days more
and all my words [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] will come out tumbling;
no more fumbling
Just you and I
sharing our love together

Copyright @ Priya Patel

Also at: https://plus.google.com/113123022525505274205/posts/i5W6SzrSEih


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