When all shall be in slumber...

When all shall be in slumber…

Only this was to be practiced..
Just to BE..
What was to Be there..
But in being so..
COME came there..
Care Of My Ego..
Tried to become Everything..
Couldn’t become Anything..
The Dawn has dried..
In to a Smoky Dusk..
Which is to herald..
The Mysterious night..
When All shall be in slumber..
Will have to keep Awake..
And Work on..
For a New Dawn..

When you learn to develop patience, you will be more at peace. Impatience puts you off-balance. Remember that things happen at the right time: timing is in God’s hands, and when you are impatient you are dictating terms to God. You are asking Him to put His Plan aside and put yours into motion. Your plan is always limited. God’s Plan is infinite.- Ramanath Mishra

Copyright @ Ramanath Mishra

With the express permission and consent of Ramanath Mishra -Source: https://www.facebook.com/ramanathm

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