I am a woman
I am in my early fifties
I have small but firm breasts Jack V. Just the way it is
I have shapely legs
and a mane of long hair
my derriere is firm and
stomach flat
my husband finds my sexually
Just the way it is

I feel deeply
express myself honestly
have lived a life where
there is not much more
to learn or experience
I’ve been there–done that
I am stronger for it
Just the way it is

I am a mother
my son and daughter
are beautiful and talented
gifted by a God they both
love and worship
doing His work as doctors
healing and exceeding goals
I am blessed to be their
Just the way it is

I have learned in life
There is no shame
In telling it…
Just the way it is

© Kim van Breda—17 August 2014

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Copyright © Kim Van Breda


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Disclaimer: The image used herein are taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit acknowledged.

Image Credit: www.oilpaintingsonline.com


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