learn the lessons of life unfolding...

learn the lessons of life unfolding…

Only this brain’s murmuring is to be stopped
That seems on autopilot conditioned by peers & seers
Learnings those learnt by the fresh mind in the beginning/

Need is to get tutored by that Mind Subconscious
That has been the Powerhouse of Intelligence
Linked with ‘That Infinite Source of Absolute Intelligence’/

Explore the Child That hidden in you
Despite the ages that is loaded on you
Because that is still unchanged as Eternal in you/

Find It,
Love It,
Adore It,

As this shall make you learn the power of Mind Subconscious
That made you learn the lessons of life unfolding
When your cry resonated in your creator’s heart
And She could know your despair and agony without any spoken words/

Overrule the mind present
Cultivate your Mind Subconscious
As That has a link to your  [avatar user=”Ramanath” size=”100″ align=”right”] Heart and Soul
Unchanged Eternal Power from The Source Ultimate!

Ramanath Mishra Saturday, October 19, 2013

Copyright @ Ramanath Mishra
Published with the express permission of Ramanath Mishra
Also at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200438019462440&set=a.2308514761726.2102516.1515032646&type=1&theater



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