English: Photo of man looking happy and sad

English: Photo of man looking happy and sad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Just a day ago this was my own abode
The people my own brethren
The vicinity ingrained in my familiar concepts
The culture inseparable with my existence
The air and its agents resonant of my hopes

Then when did I become alien to it all?
Why did they start to address me in foreign colour?
I didn’t feel any transition at night, did you?
Then why does this morning feel so different?
Why have all elements of coziness become hostile?

Just a day ago when things were in my reality
The knock on the door meant a friendly invite
In only a day the knock has transitioned into terror
The sound is the same, the people are the same
It’s the Intentions which have got morphed
Accelerated by perverted catalysts
Of an unknown nature

Heart says in repeated mantras
It is not true, it is not true
Only an alternate reality, an alternate reality
But the cognitive faculties of brain
Have to function in desperation
To protect all that I love

Now what seems like light years later
I ask your scholarship to be put in motion
To list out and explain to me
What makes your own brethren turn on you?
How does your own nurturing come to bite you?

How did it happen that to refer to my home
Instead of picking the soil I stand on
I now have to point finger at a political atlas
One minute it was a home for me
The other minute I needed authorization

Maybe the answer lies in the corridor of ideas
An autopsy of which reveals unfound hate
Propaganda of a fascist colour
That portrays my ‘kind’ in a different ‘shade’
Demanding my vanquished state

Come to think of it, it seems chimerical
That something as abstract as propaganda
Can result in a molecular shift in societal approach [avatar user=”Abhik Shome” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/abhik-shome” /] So much so it wants to erase its own integral elements
Man killing another man in blind range
Someone he referred to as brother
Just a day ago

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