Judge or Judged.

The Judiciary is formed to bring rule of law,
Tasked with judgement of lawbreakers.
Trusted to be fair and equitable in verdicts,
There to level punishment on evildoers.
The human predators they must discourage,
Constitution and rights they must uphold.
But when these upholders go rogue,
Who shall judge their evil and greedy manipulations.
What protections do we have from them?
When agencies to maintain law are corrupt?
Promoting the crime and enabling crimes,
Their agents loose on our social fabric.
When our Highest judges are running brothels,
Places of leisure and recreation are corrupted.
Unsafe for family outings and fun,
Hotels and restaurants in dark design,
Immodesty the rule of thumb unchecked.
Are we on the path to forward progress?
Or are we descending into the pits of Hades?

©Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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