On a journey through the country side
Watching A sight of sheer delight
A spread of green in numerous hues
In a flawless drape on Mother Earth
The soft fresh green of tender grass
The dark deep green of lofty trees
The fading green of bushes by the side,
The luring green of twines on a ride
The signboards glowing emerald green
Made it seem like its all a dream.
In the midst of such mesmerizing spread
With intervening streaks of burly brown
Sprinkled with flowers yellow and bright
Shielded by parasol painted blue and white
Enough to lift the sagging spirits
And cause the moods to bounce sky high
‘Hang on ‘said the dancing mind
Isn’t it an irony ,where civilization blooms
The green begins to fade and steps in gloom
The Mother stripped of her precious robe
Is heard moaning and groaning in pain
Color me not so black and red
But GO GREEN if you love me ,instead
Cause,all I care about, is your WELFARE

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Copyright © Geetha Padmanabhan

Geeta Padmanabhan is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/geetha.padmanabhan

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is possibly taken from the Internet

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