My mind is in confusion,
Your beauty left me sick,
As am travelling in this nation,
Thence meeting you in tick.

We met at Lanet infusion,
On my way to Eldoret for job’s slick,
In that motel’s nice reception,
Where you are working  my lady in sensation.

You looked good in that uniform notion,
Your body figure making my heart twitch,
Falling in love with your smile so sweet,
Dreaming of kissing your lips like a tick.

We met again in Eldoret town’s escalation,
I was from shopping pulling a small truck,
Then I did saw you face in admiration,
Sending an impulsive soul love glance.

Seeing you again was my only solution,
That’s why I knelt down for your hands to embrace,
Pick me up to you my love paradise,
From that day it’s only your love I do speak.

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