Elusive as the meaning of life may be
The essence of clarity beckons at me
Wisdom beyond what the eye can see
Like how a seedling grows into a tree
It’s enchanting as the depth of a dream
And flows so pure like a gentle stream
Into a world of wonder a hidden gleam
To a bath of light, such a blissful beam
Thou I am a poet, words at times fail
To make sense of the cosmic veil
That masks the truth, makes us frail
Towards the search of our life’s trail
But Alas! Alas! What a beautiful sight
The rising sun from a moonless night
A burst of new energy to win the fight
Forget the past, the present is right
To forge a destiny, to make a way
To aim for the skies come what may
To believe, to hope, to never go astray
To reach yonder…just dream away
For it all starts with a dream

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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