India – The answer

Waiting on a foreign shore
I know it’s not foreign to me
Listening to the alien land’s lore
It sounds so familiar to me
The entire world in all its versions
The sky in all its shade
Has learnt its origins from you
You are Mother India
And I have my meaning from you

You are the mother of it all
Your boundary knows no end
Always present where your ideas are
Reminisced by your children
Where you lay your arms open
That place becomes your abode
You are India

The blue serenity that is the soulful Ganga
Runs across your heart
Spreading your stream of liberating thought
Into tributaries of philosophical bliss
From the glaciers of God
That is the Great Himalayas

I wait by your river banks
For your soothing breeze
To embrace me in thoughts
Which liberate me from my falsities
For me to know my meaning and answer
As heavens open up to direct your rain on me
I understand your subtle revelation

The multitude of languages
Each place carrying a culture of its own
And you like a mother singing a lullaby
To put them all in perfect melody
To say your name

All faiths converge to form your ideals
Oh Mother of Spirituality!
I am Arjun seeing the Universal form
I am Siddharth, radiating the rays of the Buddha
Listening to the noble deeds of Sikh Gurus
The empathizing rituals of Jain monks
The auspicious air of a Sufi dargah
Fills my heart with poetry
As the church bells ring in your advent
You are the harbor of human conscience
And in you I grow

I have roamed far off corners of earth
I have belonged to many nationalities
My skin has been coloured in different shades
But only when I find you
Do I feel that my inner constitution
Has rung the vibration of my soul
Into one mellifluous tune of ?
You are mother to us all

You have many great sons and daughters
Who came with the dawn and dusk of time
Out of all the centuries forming millennia
Accept your Abhik, as he sings and rhymes

Copyright © Abhik Shome. All Rights Reserved

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Copyright © Abhik Shome

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