A Nation Great and Wide

A Nation Great and Wide

In a nation that was great and wide
Where many sacrificed and died
Some struggled hard to set us free
To make our “tryst with destiny”

As Nehru had proclaimed that night
Where through the darkness we saw light
Our pledge once more we did renew
In an ancient nation, yet so new

We promised that we would succeed
And show the world that we could lead
Through challenges we had in store
Our forefathers had borne much more

And at that moment etched in time
With heartfelt feeling so sublime
We said we’d put an end to crime
Diseases and poverty in time

But time has passed and we have failed
With doubts and fears, I am assailed
We still have hungry mouths to feed
Who are in want of basic needs

With a heritage as rich as ours
And dreams that we might reach the stars
I shrug my shoulders with dismay
“paradise lost” I’m forced to say

For in this land that’s so unique
Some thrive by silencing the meek
They loot the poor with all their tricks
A cesspool known as politics

I will therefore give my nation
A bit of transformation
I will bring about a change
It will be the India of my dreams

It’s true even though strange
The India of my dreams
Is a matrix of perfection
Self reliant and compounded
With an unshakeable foundation

Where the mind is free from the chains of fear
Where the road ahead always seems clear
Where doors of opportunity open to all
Where there is no division, no borders, and no wall
Where the head is held aloft and high
Where ambition can soar to the sky
Where temples, mosques, churches stand side by side
Where in every field, we have won glory and pride

Where truth is a religion, a way of life
Where united we stay in times of strife
Where technology exists with traditions grand
This is my dream for India, my Motherland

We heard “dreams and dreams, they never come true”
But have faith and confidence in them gets us through

My dream can be our future
If only we walk hand in hand
Come, lets us put all differences and discriminations aside
And work together to glory our Motherland….!!!!

Copyright @ Richa Sharma


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