As the morning sun began to shine I set out on my quest to my perfect match.
through the odds and the events i continue,
Holding my Gionee phone as I take the journey,
Dialing phones contacts and listening to so many sweet voices,
To find a modern love in a modern world was my quest.
Day in-Day out the journey goes on,
Time passes me by each counting seconds,
Falling in the traps of some few She-devils i continue in my quest,
Hoping and praying life won’t go wrong…
Boycotting all the She-devils i went for a shopping, all alone and by myself.
Picking from one item to the other till we come closer,
Scent of your smile hit my nostril
i turn around to behold the bearer
Our eyes met and you smile and your dimple showed,
Sending me to a wild day-dreaming…
In my day dreaming i pray my quest will end,
I open my eyes and then say just a word,
Thank you was the whisper from you.

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Copyright © Musa Shehu Uthman

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Photo Credit: Nayna Shah – Mount Kenya

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