My dear brothers and sisters,
Lets come together in clusters,
With one heart to avoid disasters,
Help Southern Sudan’s hunger spinsters.

Wherever you are in this world’s perimeters,
Take step ahead of these painful blisters,
Blisters of civil war compounding hunger matters,
Affecting millions of children platters.

Lets forget our differences in metres,
Racism kicking it out, just like litters,
Donating one coin and some drops litres,
Litres of water to quench their thirst matters.

Just one word utter for them in your prayers,
They need us, our help as tired game players,
Players who needs substitutes of other layers,
Layers of peace, unity, love and harmony givers.

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By Sudan Envoy (Two Children) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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