Ife mi,
Permit these two hearts to melt as one
Lest they die suffering in their lone world;
Leaving their carcasses on a soiled plate of forgetfulness
Let’s spare the word ‘love’
For writers, editors, readers, beings
And live it
Ife mi, let’s live love—you and I
With hands locked in unison
We’ll suture the belly of hatred
In the theatre of life
We will laugh with our nose masks down
Knowing we’ve locked up the rotten belly that oozes black flames
Ife mi, the smiles afterwards can’t be sweeter
I will walk with you down unending lanes
You’ll teach me how to thrust spears at obstacles
And I’ll feed you with lessons
On how to smile after victory
Ife mi, walking with you is life
When fingers point at us
They will result in telling tales
About the love they’ve never heard of;
The love drenched in honey,
Coated with crystals
And lined with beauty
Ife mi, we will leave their mouths ajar!
Whisper into my ears-
Words wrapped as mysteries
We know—you and I
Will unlock them someday
With hearts connected
Ife mi, no other heart can make such match
We’ve heard news about distance
It has shown its curves and pointed corners
And have its name written boldly on our succulent hearts
But before it tries to blow us off with its wind
We will strangle and remind it
Of how our bond can never be swayed by distance
Ife mi, wait a little while. Will you?
Love is cruel, sometimes bitter
It hurts.
Here, we have a flourishing love
That will be written on the sands of time
And will never be blown away
Ife mi, love is sweet between us
Love can’t be defined without us
We won’t spill the milk;
Our tiny secret will never be exposed
We will leave our lives to define
The only true definition of love
Ife mi, let’s love
When I walk down the aisle
With my gown of purity
I’ll look into your eyes only
Ife mi, what else would I say if not ‘Yes, I do’?
Darling, I love you.
Ife mi—my love

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Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

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