Explore her love with much romance,
You never know life has only one chance,
So be determined know to play and dance,
For if she let your love go you will suffer thence.

Don’t listen to people’s words force,
Love is not food chips and cooked rice,
Its something special to store has its price,
If you were me you could put her a love fence.

Give her all the support she needs in love dice,
Jealous in your relationship don’t give it a space,
Take your time to make her happy in love trace,
Don’t ever unto her love have multiple choice.

Never doubt her decision making lace,
Neither assume she like everything of your source,
Give her time to express her love views in peace,
But not underrating her views into one piece.

Treat her as to princess treated by her prince,
Be a gentle and never dream to use any force,
Let her soul filled with happiness in love ice,
And you will not regret your relationship’s slice.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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