How did you expect me to built you a bungalow?
While even my income was very pathetic and low,
I knew very much you wanted to live in a castle,
On my side I had only few chicken with no cattle.

You took advantage of my little knowledge show,
Taking me to a fool, smiling as unto you did bow,
For me I thought it was love, hence kept well the tittle,
Only to find that, I was playing with hot coal thistle.

I lost the game, to a born town handsome man I know,
It was obvious, no one thought of my success, and how?
I had no one to support me, my certificate to ripple,
Tarmacking for a job, its a nightmare for poor people.

That night you said it was over, my tears wet the pillow,
My heart over bleed, while my self-esteem went shallow,
I feared to fall in love again, honey turned bitter even pineapple,
The days turned to be nights with moon light which was purple.

Today my dear, I am still the same though in another row,
I am now a pigeon in this town region not that an old crow,
Something which en-tells me that, world goes round in a circle,
What do you expect me to do now, I did remain with one love particle.

This is your text message you wrote in romantic glow
To me I received it with a deep shock or its a miracle flow?
You said with your tongue that rich and poor never mingle,
What do you expect from me, let me think twice though am still single.

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