I NEED YOU NOW….1/22/2015

As there is ancient wisdom
There is ancient ignorance too
I am swayed in the light and
Shade of wisdom and ignorance.
Your embrace became my cage
My heart you imprisoned,
Enslaved I am to you
I became your soft friend
I became your timid friend
You have leaped upon my heart.
Now, you are far away from me
The pain is painful and awful too
Separation walked wryly…
give me the lust less touch and love
Hug me with wretched craze
I want to breathe and smile
In the garden of your love.
The light struck to the bosom-soil
Passions rain drenched it
The sleeping seed of love
Woke up, uncoiled suddenly
An elegant sapling smiled.
I need you now, please come !
Water this sapling nurture it
Let this tree of LOVE grow .

Seema Devi…1/22/2015

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Copyright © Seema Devi

Seema Devi is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/seema.devi.56

Photo Credit: Art by Seema Devi


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