English: Action of pendulum of clock

English: Action of pendulum of clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)














As time closes its chapter on me
I turn back one last time
And utter my final words
“What was I?”

What was I but a collection of memories?
Existing in the minds I came in contact with
For some I was the epitome of romance
The dark red passionate love
For others I was the mature sage
Telling them about messiah’s dove

For some I was a dear friend
Helping them in all their needs
And for some an unwanted creature
The loser they bullied and veiled

For some I was an inspiration to live for
For some an awkward freak
For some a central figure in their life
For others a passer-by in streets

But whatever I was
I will now exist in my vicinity’s memories
Toning up to the beholder’s colour
Tanning up to their remembering effort
Shaping and brewing up to their taste of me

But as I come to think of it
Something strikes me down entirely
Isn’t it a pity?
That I would never exist for what I really was

Always being a slave to others memories [avatar user=”Abhik Shome” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/abhik-shome” /] Captive in their abstract eyes
Yielding to their views and judgment
I would never be my genuine self

Copyright © Abhik Shome
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