I am embracing the fragrances of a wonderful new day.
My heart is at peace.
You wowed me the first time I felt you then I smiled
Your melodious voice, strong and handsome
Delicious to my ears
As savoured on my tongue the honey coated cashew nuts
Thumping my heart at best
When you said “I Love you baby”
Home in your arms
Warm and cuddly inside your coat
Leaning my cheek on your broad shoulders
My arms wrapped around your waist
You are the aroma of a spicy cup of chai

I am embracing the fragrances of a wonderful new day
My heart is at peace
Your breath warm on my ear as you kiss my cheek
Completely and utterly enchanted by your kind beautiful heart
My love I fell head over heels in love with your soul
The man that you have become
Yes the world is at my feet, I can pick and choose at will
But it is your simplicity that compliments me in every way
I am you, you are me
We are outcasts, understanding each other and knowing each other’s souls
We share the same views
Our frequencies entwined
Ecstatically happy to read each other as open books

We embraced the fragrances of that wonderful new day
My heart was at peace
I felt you then I smiled
Your heart reached out from across seven seas
Your heart unknowingly merged with mine
I smiled knowing that eventually you would come to me
With love in your eyes and fire in your heart that equalled my own
Our dance of fragrant spices churns
Cocooning us in a soft Divine light guiding our togetherness
Spontaneous and elated

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Copyright © Persian Khushi

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