Yes am in love with her but I do fear to tell her,
She drives me crazy especially if she on parade,
Her smile which sets her chicks to dipoles pair,
Set my brain in a high speed motion love guide.

I admire her African natural human hair,
Long and strong nourishes her beauty in each side,
I took much time to meditate her figure fair,
Which send an expose of mixed illusion I can’t decide.

She is a true queen whom disturbs my soul lair,
I love her but to tell her is the work load to ride,
What kind of an answer would she give me I fear,
Could she turn to be a monster and take me to elude?

My love unto her is clean and easy to bear,
Its true my love feelings any more I can’t hide,
The question is how would I approach her my dear,
If she give a chance she will never regret her bide…

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