I AM CHEATED….1/31/2015

Your beautiful face , charming smile
Your warm invitation, friendly looks
I followed your steps , expectations
High, all foot steps led me there.
I entered into a chamber, made
Of glistening cob webs, built yet
Incomplete, no owner,many visited,
But none will stay.
The eerie silence , unpleasant odour
Colours depressing, nothing pleasant.
Looks like an entry to hell
Where nothing seems true.
Felt, it’s float in a void-dark.
Deceptive doors, deceptive windows
Shaking walls, slippery nasty floor.
True or false , total confusion.
On the branches of sorrow
Fruits of evil , hanging low
Like bats in the dark cave
Hoots reverberating there.
I called your name, shouted
My voice echoed
Your smiling charming face
Turned into ugly, cruel , distorted
Disproportionate face, closed my eyes.
Love ended in fear and hate
Happiness strangled by pain.
Your laughter and voice echoed,
I was fainting, I heard your words
“Why did you love me, you are
You are the cause for your state,
You got cheated , i am sorry”

Seema Devi…1/31/2015

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Copyright © Seema Devi

Seema Devi is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/seema.devi.56

Photo Credit: Art by Seema Devi


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