Hues of heaven

The hues from heaven,spreading their mirth
Building a ladder bridging eternity and earth
Instantaneous transformation of black and white
To captivating colours, bold and bright
Like a garment woven with yarns of violet
Indigo blue,green yellow ,orange and red
An arch of glory, a spectacle of beauty
A perfect order even in the midst of disorder.

Is it a flower shower from the garden of Eden
Or the strokes of happy Angels In waiting
A bunch of ribbons from the drapes of deities
Or colours of Holi flowing in gaiety
Neither a virtual reality, nor a flight of fantasy
A simple phenomenon of sensual interplay
Of golden sunshine and diminutive raindrops
Unfolding their exquisite joy across the sky

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Copyright © Geetha Padmanabhan


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Disclaimer: The image used herein is possibly taken from the Internet. Due credit is acknowledged for the same.

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