I’m like a gazelle out of lion’s paws,
Like she goat out of python’s coil,
My mind is in great confusion as it haws,
Just like a pound of flesh in paper foil.

Life is hot more than pepper laws,
Something I do fear most is to fail,
Being defeated as world beast in its prey claws,
As it lays its head to rest forever in death’s jail.

See where far I have come to thaw,
Passing through this life half hail,
Where my flesh was gnawed to dust of saw,
Was fighting very hard to be set free on bail.

Tears have been my water to drink,
Neighbours laughter was always my wail,
Their bitter words were my portage draws,
Had been hitting me like a red hot nail.

Why now if enjoy they do gnaws?
I have turned to be a thorn in their lives toil,
Reaching this far who did know?
My hard-working days moved me front from tail.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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