One, two, three…
The count goes on
Lost upon lost
Innocent harmless souls are killed

Like Borno, Burma is not safe
If not for all, then for those whose crime is being a minority

They are murder, martyr
And are not far from total annihilation

But Human rights turns human rats
And to Burma’s plight they are deaf, dumb and blind
Acting only in their mute, while silence become their match song

They sing in silent muse
Expecting me to join as an ally
But my humanity denies me such freedom
And now I’m singing the “Stop the killing” song

For how longer could I be mute
When my humanity questions my humanity
Each times my dumbness rein over my wit
And my muse betrays my heartfelt?

Brother from Burma
I glanced at your photo from the wilderness
And see your lost, loneliness
And a people deserted by their own kinsmen

I know home is worst than wilderness when your love ones are gone,
But you will be alone no more
For not all are human rats
Some are truly Human Rights

God’s aid shall come soon

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