Come and give me that story,
Which always takes me to glory,
Feeling the flavor of ripe berry,
And it is only you who I will marry,

Wash me with your love calorimetry,
And enjoy every part of it as we make merry,
Will give you all and others will carry,
All what I want is you to enjoy life’s cherry.

Transfer me to the world of troy,
Do what you know my dear boy,
Use your experience to give me joy,
And your love I shall never annoy.

I keep my trust in you to never cry,
And your special romantic tricks can’t dry,
Whenever be away your image I can’t bury,
You image in my heart’s chambers I always carry.

Give love unto me with telephony,
And make me forget my agony,
Lets enjoy the darkness in harmony,
I love you I do say my sweet honey.

Your love is important than money,
Your romantic words are a master key,
They always let me go open like crazy,
Welcome to my heart and make an entry.

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