Sound of love echoed in my head,
As my heart beat like a traditional drum,
Joyous rays penetrating deep into my soul,
And beam of smiles fall upon my face,
As my sad moment fades away into the sand of time-
Pure essence of love travelling from my head to toes,
It all feels like I am with you and love is our toast…
You tip-toe into my heart-
Yet I can still heart the melody of your foot sound.
Love- They said is honour;
And it’s to whom honour is due-
In love with a queen I fall like ripen cashew,
You are sweet like stew,
And I love like dove-
Dews of love dropping like torrent rain,
Emotion erupting like molten-magma,
Making my feelings gush forth like volcanic eruption-
Vibrant love sets my heart in a perfect oscillation,
My heart rotate like rotary motion,
This love must go beyond his nation,
So let’s take a journey from Mars to Jupiter-
Changing peoples love’s definition is my prime mission,
Like love plane let’s fly in perfect vision,
Even if I am not always there to make you smile,
I’ll always be your love and dove,
‘Cause you are my wife and life-
There are not words to express how I feel,
Life feels like love cast a spell on us,
I just want to let you know that are appreciated-
I love you.

(C) M.S. Uthman

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Copyright © Musa Shehu Uthman

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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