salted wounds, wrap themselves around me...

salted wounds,
wrap themselves around me…

Your hands, shaken by life
worn and weary from
salted wounds,
wrap themselves around me,
warm and tender, a heavenly feeling
that knows no bounds
I know I should bask
but my heart still asks
Is it you?
Was loving you all part of fate
Why do I question?
Why hesitate?
I know that I have a slow sudden ache
scared of mistakes I don’t want to make
scared to feel our two hearts break
It is not you
and it is not me
both of us different
of that we agree
Even the strongest of loves
holds no guarantee
Dubious doubts now tug at my sleeves
about the differences between us
Oh how my heart greaves
but even more
for what lies in store
for two innocent hearts
that deserve so much more [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] We are both worn and weary
by salted wounds
But one thing remains …
My love for you holds no bounds

Copyright © Priya Patel

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