Hardy (1840-1928),
Thomas Hardy,
How could you choose
A much younger girl
As your second wife
After the death of Emma Lavinia Gifford in 1912?

You married Florence Dugdale (1879-1937)
In 1914,
Almost forty years younger than you,
Making her sacrifice for you,
Could your fame be a substitute for?

Are you not yourself
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Who sold his beautiful wife
In a fit of drunkenness,
Aren’t you yourself?

Whose a pair of blue eyes
Paint you
In your novel,
Say you,
Thomas Hardy,
Were you not a drinker,
A woman-seller?

Hardy, I do not know it
If you were the right man
To talk of public morality,
Were you not mistaken in completely
In dictating and holding closely?

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