Happy, happy new year
To you,
Happy new year to you,
My friend,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Happy new year to you,
Happy, happy new year to you,
My dear boys and girls,
O, you going,
Take you,
My namaskar, my salaam, khuda hafiz,
God bless you,
May God bless you,
May Jesu be with you,
May the new year bring
Many happy returns of the day!

A a disco jockey, an anchorman
Always with you
Wishing you,
Greeting you,
Meeting you,
Taking by surprise
With my joviality,
My sadness,
My jokes lively and hearty
Just to make you,
Make you laugh
And to keep you in good spirits,
I an anchorman,
A disco jockey
Always joking!

Happy, happy new year
To you,
Happy, happy new year
To you,
I wishing you,
Waving the hands,
Shaking with,
And dancing
Just to,
Just to please you,
Greet you
On the eve of the new year,
A disco jockey I
Jockeying and rollicking I,
An anchorman I
But forget not to say,
How did,
Did I anchor I,
Just your impression!

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Image Credit: Brenton Van Breda


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