Wedding bells tolled long back,
Their sweet sounds still echo
Our fervent, earnest love
With moments of togetherness,
Boundless joy and happiness
In our felicitous, beauteous life….!

Since the first conjugation
Anniversaries keep following,
Rejuvenating soul in us,
Renewing emotional bonds,
Familial bliss and peace
For all traumatic tides of sorrows
Putting to test our trust,
Understanding and commitment…!
At every step of the journey
We have proven ourselves –
Persistent loyalty to each other
Without frowns and miffed sighs..!
Cuddled from the wedding day
In the coziest mutual cocoon,
Divorcing pain and pangs
And severe strikes of sufferings
So inevitable in human life…
The bedspread in life yet smells
Of our mutual love and respect,
Of fragrance of happy togetherness..!

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Copyright © Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

Disclaimer: The picture used herein is possibly taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.

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