Rise and always rise...

Rise and always rise…

Today is my 24 hours year
Many like this come but 2013’s is dear
In this year, my destiny comes near
All that remained from 199? to 2012 a dream
Came alive, shining in 2013 like a gleam
My joy scribbled in volumes of ream

God returned to me, my lost rib
At the edge of my shame, sharpened my nib
Oiled my pen with eternal ink
to write words and think
Poetry grew older in me
I went down on my knee
to be blessed and ordained
a poet and my dead dignity regained

I wish you Life
Rise and always rise
You died and resurrected
It doesn’t make you Jesus, don’t be misdirected
I wish you safe journey to future
And release all fortunes tied with suture

I wish you a day when; [avatar user=”Oppong Clifford Benjamin” size=”100″ align=”right”] Schools will learn your history
Your words become mystery
Thoughts and dreams become things.
I wish you the Clifford in your GOALS BOOK.

Copyright @ Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Written by Oppong Clifford Benjamin for Oppong Clifford Benjamin
October 17, 2013 at 12:09pm

Published with the express permission of Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Also at: https://www.facebook.com/notes/oppong-clifford-benjamin/happy-birth-day-to-me/10200161343671383
Oppong Clifford Benjamin is Founder President at Builders of the African Dream. To know more, the link for the same is https://www.facebook.com/BuildersofAfricaDream


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