Have heard much of its effect,
A clear picture of tragedy of corruption,
No more brothers and sisters perfect,
What I see is peace in pieces nomination.

Writers have written messages in a packet,
Pin pointing out the ill aspiration,
But all their messages blast off like a rocket,
Since everyone is big in this nation.

Now see its outcomes as we select,
The news every time carries assassination,
Guns have been the bridge to death elect,
Bullets have become homesteads of decoration.

Police and hooligans pick fights in broad day light,
The word massacre is a common notation,
With the authorities living in sacred fear so tight,
Who will come up with a meaningful revolution?

Life has become a valueless icon to protect,
Firearms in wrong hands scuttle its ration,
Legitimate citizens of this sovereign nation,
Must wake up with loyalty and to connect.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai

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