Good morning, sir,
Good morning,
A fine morning keeps,
Keeps banging at your door,
Awake, awake and arise you
And see, see you
What a beautiful morning is it
Full of serenade,
Quietude and silence,
The solitude lovable,
Come you, come you and see it
A fine morning banging at your door.

A silence is remarkable
With the fresh stir in air,
The leaves too arising from,
The ducks ready to swim in the pond,
The fishermen returning from,
The lotus still full of dew drops
Shaking them
And the world appearing new.

Good morning, sir,
Morning, morning,
Good morning, sir,
The world looking afresh, anew,
The breeze refreshing us all,
The birds giving a shrill call
And lo, it is morning!

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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