Goggleswalli, Goggleswalli,
Have heard it,
You have turned,
Turned into a heroine,
The girl whom I saw you
At the town square,
Taking a leaf
Out of the busy schedules of life
Passing you past me,
Taking the things into your stride,
The race of life
Racing you,
Gliding, slipping,
Walking over,
But now you
Not the same girl
Who saw I you
Going past me
In style and joviality,
In modern spirit
And temperament,
Now you are,
You are not the same girl
Whom saw I, saw I
Passing through,
Hurrying across,
You are not, not the same girl,
But the changed one,
How have you changed yourself
Over the years
And your specs too have changed over
To golden,
Golden-rimmed glasses,
Stylistic and golden
And you too turning
Sombre and reserved,
Ever ready to change
With characters,
A heroine,
Heroine smiling not
In public places,
But in the theatres
Where tickets are sold and bought,
Oh, the loss,
My Goggleswalli,
How has she changed
Under pressure,
In situations of life,
The lensmen running
For snaps and photos
And she holding press meets
Where went I to meet her,
But she could not,
Could not recognize me!

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the image used herein.


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