Goggleswalli, see me
But with love,
See me, see me,
But with love,
It is your love
Which hanker I after,
It is your heart
Which want I to be closer to,
It is your soul
Whose kin want I to be,
It is your spirit
That like I,
It is temperament
Which but like I,
See, see me,
But with love,
You see the wide world
With your glass,
But I with the naked eyes,
You looking colourful and gay,
But here lie I
Fallen upon the thorns of life,
I bleed!

Just for the moments
I see you
Gliding past by me
At the town square,
The city centre,
In the humdrum of all,
The dull monotony of routined life,
But when I see you
Going past,
My heart stops it,
Stops to
See you,
See you going, Goggleswalli,
My love,
My heart, my soul,
My pulsation,
Beating of heart,
My heartbreak,

Goggleswalli, wherever go I,
Your images and pictures
Follow me,
Keep following me,
Keep haunting me,
You are my love,
My love,
My heart,
My heart,
My soul,
My soul,
Modern spirit and temperament,
Life-style and living,
Joy of living,
The attitude,
Positive attitude,
But know I not,
What it in heart?

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the image used herein.


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