Goggleswalli, you are my love,
Love, love,
The love of my heart,
My soul,
The modern spirit
And the notion of romanticism,
You are the trails of smoke
From a cigar
Held in between the fingers
And the smoker dreaming,
You are my shayari, my ghazal,
My lyric, my dialogue,
You my thumri, khayal!

You are dream, dreamgirl,
Somebody’s creative dreamgirl
Coming and slipping past,
You are my love of specs,
The heroine of my life,
A modern girl in the sunglasses,
The goggles
And smiling,
Giving a sweet kiss,
A sweet flying kiss,
I’m going!

Goggleswalli, where do you live you,
Live you,
People go on asking about,
Where do you live you,
Live you,
In the cine studio
Or the art studio,
Whose image are you,
Who your photographer,

A heroine, a cine actress,
A theatre girl,
A character
Are you,
Modern and gay
And smiling,
In love with outing
And presentation,
Bothering about personality
So often,
Up-to-date and contemporary,
Stylish and beautiful!

You are the joy of a photographer,
You a play of a dramatist,
Into the scenes of a drama
As directed by a director,
You a character imagined,
In good costume
As per the design of
A costume director,
You a business executive,
A saleswoman,
An announcer and advertiser,
You an art-piece!

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the image used herein.


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