Goggleswalli, where do you
Live you, live you,
As I see you striding over,
And passing by,
Passing by me,
But sorry to say,
I could not,
Could not ask,
Who you are, madam,
What your name,
Where live you?

Goggleswalli, you are my love,
My love, love, love,
You are my love, love, love
Lost, went missing and found again
At the town square,
The city centre,
At the plaza complex
Taking pizza!

On seeing you, I went after you
Just as a mirage
Were you,
My fascination for you,
Infatuation with,
A tryst with destiny
I could not enter into
The diary of my life,

But while passing away,
Said you,
Said you,
See me but with love,
Do not run after
A chimera,
I am but aroma,
The wisp and whiff
Of romanticism!

You are my love, my love,
You are my joy, joy,
You are fascination,
You are infatuation,
You are my image and dream,
Romance and romanticism,
You just keep smiling
In the goggles
And let me viewing you.

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the image used herein.


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