Wednesday Services always were a bore
And last week our attendance was only four
But the message came so divine and hot
It filled me and in spirit I was caught
Pastor said God still speaks to Men
It was a tired truth but doubting Ben
He said do your best to listen and obey
We screamed Amen but Ben grinned Okay

Wednesday evenings after services
We do drink up and each disperses
At any one sip of the coca cola
We bowed to fine tunes of the viola
Shared Testimonies of a God who speaks
And the blessings that came in streaks
To He who listens and Obeys
In his Life it comes in many ways
As the moon smiled and walked by
We knew it was time to say guys bye

Ben took the busy street to his house
He reached a shop and thought of his spouse
God what should I buy for her?, then a tiny voice
“Indomie noodles” trust me,its her choice
Hahaha, God is that You? Ben wondered
But She never took Indomie, He pondered
All the same I will for once Obey
I need my own testimony today
So he did buy and happy he went
He walked past a house then again the voice
“Knock and deliver the noodles, just rejoice”
Ben laughed so loud and said this must not be God
We both knew this was for my wife not some clod
He stood there staring the house which looked deserted
The instruction grew louder within and he just adverted
Fineeee God, but if anything funny happens am out of church
Visit some shrines or gods and the many spirits I will search

He knocked lightly but a hard reply
Who is that? and the door a man pry
Sorry Sir, I have come to these Noodles Supply
The man grabbed them quickly and invited him
Ben entered,a baby was crying and mother singing hymn
“Julie here is hungry and wants noodles but we out of cash
My wife sought assistance from a lady who proved helpless
She didn’t have money either and her husband’s phone was off”
I prayed and my wife said God will send down an Angel
I demand of thee, are you His sent Angel?” The man asked
Ben’s lips were heavy and just couldn’t speak but Goodnight

He rushed down home
Honey where is your phone, wife looked worried
He checked his pocket and it was off, am sorry
I have been trying to reach you
I needed noodles to help a lady
Ben broke down in tears, so it is true
We have a God who has mouth, so get ears

By Kweku Atta Crayon ( Oppong Clifford Benjamin)

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