Never let the seed of doubt take hold.
You are someone! Break that mould.
The condition is an illusion.
Fear does not exist in this movement.
And I will love you still, craving nothing, painting your window sill.
Do not despair, hope, the constant.
You have purpose, you are a someone.
As the purity envelops you all.
Cliffs edge is real but I wont let you fall.
I’ll lift you up with words.
No bluff. I grew my seeds to endure.
A thousand years on and the majesty is pure.
Be a loner, be bold and free.
What can you learn from the sixties.
And yes I will help you soar and yes if your low, u can endure.
Even if it seems your boat is bursting.
You will make shore.
You are Worthy! To live this life in all its glory.

Yakka 18.8.14

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