No matter who you are, how you look or where you’re from
Be inspired to greatness through insight and poetic wisdom
To challenge your fate, conquer the odds and win freedom
Free yourself from the materialistic and ignorant syndrome
From the entrapment of the seductive temptations dome
From losing our way and not having a place to call home
From inheriting the genes of modern slave chromosome
From all the roads that are said to supposedly lead to Rome
So that we can find our own path that lead to a new kingdom
From deceptions that turn our lives to a badly scripted sitcom
From a life that keeps spiraling downwards to rock bottom
From mistakes of the past that hold many of us at ransom
From sinful immoral desires that turn our bodies to Sodom
From problems that enshroud our lives with a misty foam
From own fears and doubts is the most common symptom
Free from our own weaknesses and our own inner phantom
From the many addictions that we have grown to accustom
From blind or corrupted beliefs and any other vile custom
From both seen and unseen forces that go against the norm
From sicknesses and the various conditions that deform
From all limitations that creep into our daily lives platform
All you really need is a great determination to reform
Plus the hard work and relentless effort to perform
Also an enduring mind and a strong spirit to transform
Your existence was never a mistake nor was it random
Even if you are a result of a missed pill or busted condom
Even if the world make you feel like the smallest atom
Remember splitting that atom makes the strongest bomb
That you have the power to overcome monsters that roam
In the dark shadows and the ability to make your dreams blossom
As long as you draw breath and heart still beats in your bosom
Let hope be the fire that keeps the blood in your veins warm

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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